Bachelor’s Grove: Most Haunted Cemetery in America

This makes me want to take a midnight stroll.

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Hey everyone! A bit of housekeeping first. Yesterday I had my 50th post and broke my previous view record! 133 page views compared to 105 after I was published by Listverse, so that feels like an awesome thing since I haven’t been published in a while. Thank you all so much for commenting and sharing and liking! It was awesome seeing that record break, and I’ll admit I had a celebratory Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks while writing this next post last night.

I’ve decided to share 2 true stories with you regarding Bachelor’s. First about Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, called the most haunted in the United States. Second, about my bachelor party, which nearly killed us and would have left a plot of land in Wisconsin the most haunted site in the US. Enjoy! Thanks so much again everyone!

Oh, also creepy side note. I’ve been waking up each morning…

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Hungry & Want To Catch A Movie? Then the Chicago Food Film Festival Is For You!

This sounds like a blast.

104.3 JAMS

It’s kind of like going to dinner and then heading out to see a movie, but combined together!

The Chicago Food Film Festival runs through this weekend at Kendall College off of Halsted and Chicago Avenue.

Here’s the deal, if they’re playing a movie about cheeseburgers at the festival, then cheeseburgers will be served to those in attendance.

Same goes for pizza, chicken wings or whatever!

Here’s a listing of what will be shown (and eaten for that matter) over the next couple of days!

This sounds fun, but now I’m really hungry!

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